SDC new coils

AvatarHawkeye asked 6 days ago

Are they worth the money? do they void a warranty?

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AvatarRichAZ answered 4 days ago

Hey guys the conversion is simple enough but once you put an Coiltek coil on the SDC you won’t be able to fold it down unless you put the stock 8″ back on. Minelab says this


AvatarGold Treks Staff answered 5 days ago

I’ve never tried one of the new Coiltek SDC coils, but certainly have had great experiences with their coils overall. Sometimes I miss my old GP Extreme with the orange 14 round mono. Terrific nugget detecting combination. I’ve read that they do not void the warranty. It would be ideal if Coiltek or Minelab would simply update their websites to state this, but given that a degree of user error may be involved with the process of attaching the coil to the SDC perhaps they are hesitant. My recommendation is to contact Coiltek and Minelab directly. Get it in writing.

AvatarJim answered 5 days ago

Trevor from Coiltek said that on the DP forum as long as you don’t damaged the SDC putting the new coils on then the warranty is ok P.s. the new coils are not waterproof!

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