Minelab Vanquish Metal Detector

Minelab Vanquish Metal Detector
Minelab Vanquish Metal Detector

MSRP $500.00 new? On the condition that we’ve only seen a hint at the Minelab Vanquish metal detector so far, people are excited to know more. How much will it cost? When will it be available? Equally important, how much will the Vanquish cost? Your guess is good as anyone’s. Without a doubt all we know is it will certainly be unearthed in 2019. And why the name Vanquish?

What kind of detector is the Vanquish?

It’s important to realize in watching the video that the Minelab Vanquish is not a gold detector. One the one hand we see a detectorist who finds a target. What does he find? I’m not sure. In the light of the fact that the guy throws his detector down and walks away it’s not a happy find. For the same reason it looks like he found a beer bottle cap. In any event soon we see a coil flying like a UFO and relics rising out of the ground. Straightaway we see the detector flying over different landscapes. The desert is left out. Is this a hint? Waterproof? A detector for general metal detecting, water hunting, relic hunting, and treasure hunting? Looks like it.

Vanquish is an Interesting Name

Metal detectors can have strange yet cool names. The Minelab Vanquish metal detector is no exception. One meaning of vanquish is to overcome or win. Will it vanquish the competition? Maybe. To rephrase that, most likely. Minelab has certainly gained the lion’s share of the global metal detector market. We’ll see.

Minelab releases a new gold detector in 2019?

Although this may be true, I have no idea. I enjoy general metal detecting, but I’m a gold miner at heart. Be so as it may new technology is always cool. Having sold my GPZ 7000 this year I’d love to see a some new gold detecting technology. Conversely I’m still finding gold nuggets frequently with my older gold detectors. And we all know gold or relic hunting its not just the machine that matters, it’s experience, state of mind, persistence, location, research and knowledge that are the keys to success.



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