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Gold Detecting Forums

Gold Detecting Forums. Social media for prospectors.
Gold Detecting Forums. Social media for prospectors.

Balanced against the need for experience comes the need for knowledge. First of all, there are plenty of Gold Detecting Forums forums out there. As a matter of fact there is a forum out there for everyone’s experience level. By the same token with people involved there comes both the good and bad. Another key point to mention here is that some forums are sales based. Because of this you must take what you read with a grain of salt. On the positive side there are honest dealers and helpful folks on the forums as well.

We’ll cover the following topics:
  • Where prospectors are
  • The people aspect
  • Tips to stay safe
  • Gold detecting forum facts
  • Gold prospecting forums
  • Forum structure and topics
  • Free for all
  • Recommended gold detecting forums
Where Gold Prospectors Are:

First of all detecting and prospecting are global. You will find gold detecting forums for many countries. By the same token there are many forums for the various states in the U.S. Without a doubt once you begin reading the forums you will discover that member geography matters little. While some forums are based in a specific locale they attract members globally. Gold detecting forums are social media. Many gold prospecting clubs and manufacturers also offer forums.


  • Forums are global and local communities
  • Some forums are specialized for clubs
  • Some forums are brand specific
  • Gold detecting forums are a type social media
  • Many other prospectors are helpful
The People Aspect – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It must be remembered that with people comes interaction. While you can learn from the forums you must also deal with the trolls. Some forums are ripe with trolls who want people to be as miserable as they are. In other words you need to have a thick skin. Moreover there are far more good people on the forums than trolls. To clarify be ready to ignore the trolls and embrace the teachers. Generally most forums only stay active due to a few key members in the community. One point often overlooked is that if a key member is a troll the forum owner may allow them to berate other members. Focus on the good and ignore the bad.

“Promises are like babies – fun to make and hell to deliver.” 

Be very careful about sharing your locations. Better yet don’t do it. I stopped personally mentoring new prospectors for one reason: I’ve been burned one to many times. The last guy to burn me made promises to never return to the area I shared with him without me present. In other words, respect those who give you opportunity. Simple ask. My friends and I treated this guy well. We opened up new opportunities for him including finding his first gold nugget with a detector. We (I) took a risk.

Getting burned

Continuing the story from above, one day while detecting with us, he met another prospector in the area. He soon began prospecting the area with him. This must have been his “golden ticket” to our area. Correspondingly his original promise was broken. Excuses followed. My long time buddies and I quickly lost all respect for this guy. After calling him out he stated “As soon as I find a wash with big nuggets in it you’ll be the first to know.” This turned out to be another broken promise. Meanwhile this guy has published multiple big nugget finds and never once did I get an invite. I could care less about who he hangs out with or how much gold he finds. I do expect people to keep their promises.

Gold does funny things to people

I don’t wish this guy any ill will. He’s not a totally bad guy. Greed for gold caused him to make poor choices, forget his promises, and justify his actions. Temptation. He even started playing the victim. He was a great teacher for me. Maybe one day he can man up, apologize, and try to make it right. I won’t be holding my breath. It’s truly sad to see someone want to prospect an area so badly that they will completely disregard those who did their best for them. I also have yet to see this guy take any risks to help others find gold. Not surprising. Why do I tell you this? To save you some heartburn.

Friendship is true gold

I’ve shared the bad & ugly side of meeting gold prospectors online. Now let’s talk about the good side. Two of my closest friends that I’ve known and hunted gold with for decades I met on the gold detecting forums. I’ve traveled far and wide with these guys. We share and share alike. We’ve found a lot of gold together. We share areas. Respect. It’s a simple thing that has become the foundation of lasting friendships.

Bottom line:

While I have made some amazing friends on the forums I’ve also met some folks that will give you serious heartburn. People will promise you many things. On the bright side I have met friends and partners online where the relationships have lasted decades, continuing to this day. Be ready to take the good with the bad.

  • Don’t share locations
  • If your phone is your camera, turn the location tagging feature off
  • Remove sensitive exif data from your photos
Tips to stay safe

Every online community has lurkers. Some lurkers are good, some are bad. Real bad. Do not post where you hunt or when you hunt. You could be followed or even worse, your house could be robbed while you are out chasing nuggets. If you doubt the latter is a real possibility I encourage you to research and read this article as a primer.

In like manner be very careful about what you say in private messages on forums. I have news for you, they are not private. Any administrator (and often moderators) can easily read the contents of private messages. It’s easy to do on all the forum software out there. If you don’t believe this take a look at the screenshot below from the Nugget Shooter forum. One of the admins admits he can read member’s personal messages. Be that as it may, I think the admin here “Au Seeker” is a good guy. Furthermore, he’s helped a lot of folks and he’s simply being one hundred percent transparent about the facts. That’s why you can trust him.

Additionally, I post on this forum and trust him and the forums owner, Bill Southern. To put it differently, I’m not picking on them. Quite the opposite, I am praising them. All the gold prospecting forums out there are the same in regards to the ability to read your “private” messages.

Your private messages are not private. (click to enlarge)
Safety review
  • Keep travel dates and times confidential
  • Don’t share any “when and where” type information online
  • Use private messages carefully
Gold Detecting Forum Quick Facts & Nuggets
  • Ignore the trolls
  • Forums can be club, locale, or brand specific
  • Prepare for bias
  • Expect people with a sense of entitlement
  • Be extremely selective of who you place your trust in
  • You can make great friends and lasting & meaningful relationships
  • Have a thick skin
  • Privacy is an illusion
Gold prospecting forums

Equally important, all the information about gold detecting forums applies to gold prospecting forums. There are a lot of forums out there that go by many names, but at the end of the day the focus is on one thing, recovering gold. Unquestionably, some forums are more specialized than others so you’ll need to find the community that best works for you.

Forum structure and topics

In addition to the ability to read about various topics on gold detecting most forums offer multiple areas for engagement. For example most forums have sections for:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Gold prospecting in general
  • Other interests
  • Help me identify a rock or mineral
  • Off topic areas
  • Off road vehicles
  • Make and model specific discussions
  • Relic Hunting
  • Meteorites
Free For All

While it may not seem apparent the metal detector manufacturers benefit greatly from the gold detecting forums. Take the case of Minelab for instance. Undoubtedly every forum has members who share what model of Minelab they use for hunting myself included. Seeing that this is the case not only is it good PR for Minelab it is also educational for the members. Personally I am a big fan of the Minelab brand although I do use other brands of detectors.

Here’s the scoop
  • Dealers and manufacturers benefit from your participation
  • You are not compensated for your contributions or driving business
  • Dealers and manufacturers learn from you and the community
  • Expect sales hype
Recommended Gold Detecting Forums

Finally I want to recommend some of the best forums on the internet. Basically gold detecting forums are supposed to be fun and educational. Most miss that mark. Another key point to remember is forums have seasons. In other words all gold detecting forums start, thrive, grow, and fade away. Additionally all gold detecting forums have trolls and good people – social media for prospectors – beware, be safe, and have fun.

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Wow, really crazy information about not so private messages!


Appreciate your honesty and recommendations about the gold forums. Most are just sales pitches.


I’m new to prospecting so don’t know much yet but some of the forums are good. Some are like a bunch of teenage high school clicks. The club ones seem the best.


I really like to see the gold people post it keeps me interested…big fan of nuggethunting and nuggetshooter…wish more people posted topics about the gold they find…where they find it too


Good luck with getting people to tell you where they find gold lol