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Reference for Landview Software: 19637
State: AZ

MAS Sequence: 40250365
Forgein or Domestic: D
Latitude: 34.3633
Latitude: (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds): N342148
Longitude: -112.3789
Longitude (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds): W1122244

Pointof Reference: MAIN ENT
Precision Point for above: 100
Elevation: 1740
Elevation Precision: 100
Datum of elevation point: S
Year Field Checked:
UTM zone: 12
UTM hemisphere: N
UTM northing: 3803108
UTM easting: 373199
1:250,000 quadrangle name: PRESCOTT
Other map name: BATTLESHIP BUTTE
Other map scale: 7.5 MIN

Terra Server Topo Map Zoom Level 1
http://msrmaps.com /image.aspx?t=2&s=11&lon=-112.3789&lat=34.3633&w=500&h=500&g=2&gc=cca1cfff&f=Tahoma,Verdana,Sans-serif&fs=30&fc=ffffffff&logo=1&p=8637

Terra Server Topo Map Zoom Level 2

http://msrmaps.com /image.aspx?t=2&s=13&lon=-112.3789&lat=34.3633&w=500&h=500&g=2&gc=cca1cfff&f=Tahoma,Verdana,Sans-serif&fs=30&fc=ffffffff&logo=1&p=8637

Terra Server Topo Map Zoom Level 3

http://msrmaps.com /image.aspx?t=2&s=15&lon=-112.3789&lat=34.3633&w=500&h=500&g=2&gc=cca1cfff&f=Tahoma,Verdana,Sans-serif&fs=30&fc=ffffffff&logo=1&p=8637

Terra Server Aerial Map Zoom Level 1
http://msrmaps.com /image.aspx?t=1&s=11&lon=-112.3789&lat=34.3633&w=500&h=500&g=2&gc=cca1cfff&f=Tahoma,Verdana,Sans-serif&fs=30&fc=ffffffff&logo=1&p=8637

Terra Server Aerial Map Zoom Level 2

http://msrmaps.com /image.aspx?t=1&s=13&lon=-112.3789&lat=34.3633&w=500&h=500&g=2&gc=cca1cfff&f=Tahoma,Verdana,Sans-serif&fs=30&fc=ffffffff&logo=1&p=8637

Terra Server Aerial Map Zoom Level 3

http://msrmaps.com /image.aspx?t=1&s=15&lon=-112.3789&lat=34.3633&w=500&h=500&g=2&gc=cca1cfff&f=Tahoma,Verdana,Sans-serif&fs=30&fc=ffffffff&logo=1&p=8637

Federal land status from GIS coverage: NFS
Scale used to determine above status: 1:2 MIL
Land domain: MIXED
River drainage name: SANTA MARIA RIVER
River Basin Code: 59J
Hydrologic Unit Code:
Type of land holdings #1:  LOCATED CLAIM
Type of land holdings #2:  
Type of land holdings #3:  
The Mine ID, used by MSHA:  
ISMI's ID:  
MRDS record number:  
Type of evaluation:  M
Year of information:  1981
Plant type:  
Plant ID:  
Meridian (for Public Land Survey):  GILA & SALT R
Township:  012 N
Range:  001 W
Section:  20
Subsections: NESESE
Survey Status: SURVEY
Year of discovery:  
Year of initial production:  
Year of last production:  
Mining district name:  
Primary company associated with this site:  
Predominant mining method employed:  
Predominant milling method employed:  
Predominant post-mill processing employed:  
Mineral land assessment study area name:  
Commodities present:  AU
1st commodity:  AU
Modifier of COM1:  
Marketability of COM1:  P
2nd commodity:  
Modifier of COM2:  
Marketability of COM2:  
3rd commodity:  
Modifier of COM3:  
Marketability of COM3:  
4th commodity:  
Modifier of COM4:  
Marketability of COM4:  
5th commodity:  
Modifier of COM5:  
Marketability of COM5:  
Standard industry report code:  
1st alternate name:  
2nd alternate name:  
3rd alternate name:  
4th alternate name:  
5th alternate name:  
6th alternate name: