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Coiltek Gold Stalker Coils

Gold prospecting involves a lot of equipment and if you use a metal detector you need a few good coils and the Coiltek Gold Stalker series is here. Coiltek manufactures their line of after market coils for Minelab metal detectors. The Gold Stalker coils are elliptical and have a "hallow housing" which makes them lighter than a normal coil of the same size. Coiltek released many coils and the all of their coils I have used are just excellent quality and really help you find gold by enhancing the performance of your metal detector. The Gold Stalker coils if like all other gold prospecting coils made by Coiltek will surely be top notch. In the past Coiltek has released the Wallaby series which I use and am very happy with. Picture of a Wallaby coil below.