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Gold Tube

by Prospector/Inventor JK LYON

Lynx Creek Gold and the Gold Tube

Pocket Gold Retrieval System
I want to let you all in on a new product. It's a suction device that is made for cleaning out small crevices or the bottom of larger crevices after you have scooped out most of the material. No motors or batteries needed! You just place the short tube in your mouth and take in a breath,catch the material in the long intake tube,then transfer to your pan or bucket and release the suction from the tube and the material is transferred from the crevice to your pan.So simple that you wonder what took so long for it to be invented! If you like to hike the gold streams like I do, this is a must have for your backpack. So many of those little crevices hold gold, but you don't see it because of the dirt and gravel on top of it. So... just take your hand or anything flat and fan away the top dirt and then use the "tube" to retrieve the gold. This will work in those tight places where a big suction tool won't reach also. You may still need your other crevicing tools such as a rock hammer, wires, scoops, brushes,etc. But this new tool will allow you to get every last grain of sand or gold in that crevice. It is a new and permanent addition to my sniping backpack, and I recommend it to all snipers.
Who uses the gold tube, Russ and I do!
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Russ Ford, Prospector, Bradshaw Mountains,Arizona.

Rod Fitzhugh, Prospector, Bradshaw Mountains,Arizona.


The Gold Tube is an essential part of any prospectors collection. Many times while working small pockets or crevices, as your removing material, the gold is sinking lower and lower to the bedrock. Next time you clean one of these spots out, when your sure you collected all of the material, look closely and odds are you'll see some fine material left behind.You could spend alot of time trying to get it all,but there will always be some left behind.With the Gold Tube you can be sure that you retrieved all the material and gold from that pocket or crevice! Most suction devices are often to big or not permited in some areas,and because of it's weight, gold will drop from a turkey baster before it gets to your pan.With the Gold Tube those days are over.